George Foreman Electric Grill Review

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Quick Overview






  • Comes with a non-stick cooking surface
  • Can cook over 15 servings at the same time
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Maintains proper temperature
  • Has five heat settings


  • Too bulky to clean in the sink
  • The cord is not long enough
  • Takes up too much counter space

If you are like many people, you love the act of grilling and the flavors it produces.

However, you also probably don’t live in an area where you can grill all year round.

What happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Often, you’re stuck cooking with more conventional methods, such as the oven or slow cooker.

What if there was another way?

You can grill indoors, but it requires a special piece of equipment.

In this George Foreman Electric Grill review, we talk about the product, what you get with it, and how to use it.

We also provide you with a few alternatives so that you can make an informed buying decision.

George Foreman Electric Grill Review

The George Foreman Grill comes in a variety of styles and options, but the original model was called the Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine.

All products are manufactured by a company called Spectrum Brands, and they are all portable and electrically heated.

The reason it’s called the George Foreman grill is that the former boxing champion promotes it.

It all started in 1994 on late-night infomercials; now, though, the product is sold at retailers nationwide.

Of course, most of its sales still occur through third-party e-commerce websites because of the convenience factor of shopping online.

Who Is This Product For?

This grill is designed for people who like grilling their food and want to do so indoors.

Often, it comes as a necessity when the weather is foul, such as during periods of rain or snow.

You can still grill your food in winter and fall when the temperatures drop significantly, as well; however, that isn’t the only reason to purchase this grill.

You are also going to find that it can help you cut the fat content in your meats.

When you cook meat, the fat and grease are moved away from the food to the drip tray, and this means you’re consuming fewer calories, and the food doesn’t sit in its own fat to harden.

Of course, the grill is designed to save space in the kitchen, so it isn’t very large.

Small families, couples, and singletons are going to find that the George Foreman Grill is ideal for them, but larger families can find many uses for it, as well.

What’s Included?

When you purchase this grill, you are going to get the full unit, which includes the stand, base, grill, and cover.

Inside the grill’s base is the grill grate, which can be removed and used indoors.

You also get the drip tray and temperature control probe, which plugs into any traditional outlet.

Overview of the Features

The George Foreman Electric Grill can cook up to 15 servings at once because of its 240-square-inch surface.

Of course, you also get the durable nonstick coating you’ve come to like from the smaller grills promoted by the same man.

This nonstick coating makes the unit easier to clean and takes away the need for oil or butter when cooking.

Primarily, the unique thing about this grill is that it is designed to be used outdoors when it is nice outside.

However, when the weather turns bad, you can just take the grill off the stand and bring it into the house where you can continue to use it.

Remember that it is a bit bigger than traditional George Foreman grills, so you are going to need a little more space on the countertop.

Still, you can grill indoors when you must and get outside without having to buy any other equipment or appliances.

There is also an adjustable temperature control probe that allows you to select from five different heat settings.

This means that you can get the best results regardless of what you cook.

Propane and charcoal are not needed for this grill; therefore, you aren’t going to have any flare-ups and can use it in an apartment or condo without issues from the landlord or HOA.

How to Use the Grill

Once you have set up the grill, which doesn’t take long, it is time to start grilling.

Make sure the temperature control probe is in the OFF position before you attach it to the probe’s receptacle on the grill.

It is essential that you keep the probe unplugged from the grill until you are ready to use it.

Ensure that you have access to an outlet that’s 120V, and plug in the probe to the receptacle and then the outlet.

Now, turn the temperature control knob to the desired setting, making sure that it sits flush with the indicator light.

Place the grill lid onto the grill and allow it to pre-heat to your desired temperature; this is going to take about 10 minutes.

There is a helpful cooking chart that comes with the manual that you can use to see preheating times based on the type of food you’re preparing.

Once the temperature is set, remove the lid from the grill.

Have the food ready, and place it onto the grill plate.

For most foods, you are going to put the cover back on for the duration, but you can remove it when necessary.

This may be required for turning the food and checking it.

Make sure to lift the lid facing away from you, as condensation and steam may be present.

You may need to adjust the temperature during the cooking process, too.

When the food is done, remove it and transfer it to a platter or plate.

Once you’re finished cooking, turn the temperature control probe back to the OFF position and unplug it from the outlet and then the grill.

Allow the grill to cool completely before you begin the clean-up process.

Tips for Grilling

It is always best to use tender cuts when grilling. You can add meat tenderizer, but there isn’t much that can be done when cooking on the grill.

If you do need to grill a tough piece of meat, consider marinating it to help tenderize it.

Try not to pierce the meat before grilling or while it is on the grill because doing this can dry out your meat or fish.

Make sure that you’re only turning the meat once and try to keep the lid on as much as possible.

Do not use metal utensils on the George Foreman Grill. This can scratch the surface and remove the nonstick coating.

Flat plastic and wooden spatulas work well because they also support the food while you turn it.

You can use your grill for roasting, too.

Just place the chicken or meat in a shallow pan that can withstand high heat.

Then, cover it with foil and place the pan on the preheated grill.

Please remember to use oven mitts to protect your hands.

 Replace the lid and let it cook until the preferred doneness has been reached.


The George Foreman brand seems to be the budget-friendly option, but we wanted to give you a few other choices to consider.

Techwood is a newer company, so you may not have heard of it, but it also offers a 15-serving indoor/outdoor electric grill.

Plus, it looks quite similar to the Foreman brand; it’s just that the domed lid is more rounded like the grill itself.

The base is a single piece and is sturdy, while the stand is wider for more durability.

You’re going to like that it’s easy to clean, and it comes with a removable warming rack.

The problem with this grill, though, is that it only comes in one piece and doesn’t come apart.

Yes, you can use it indoors, but it must be used on the stand.

This can be a downside if you have precious little floor space available in your kitchen.

What’s more, though the manufacturer claims the product gets hot the moment it is plugged in, you are going to need to preheat it, though you do the same when using most other electric grills.

We like that it features a one-button operation setup, making it ideal for those who want to set it and go.

It also includes a drip tray like the George Foreman version, which means it collects the fat and oil so that it doesn’t pool around the meat.

For the same price as the Techwood product, you can also get the Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill.

Those who want a show-stopping focal point are going to appreciate this grill.

It is bright red with a reflector-plated, domed lid.

The Masterbuilt version is suitable to use inside and outside, as well; however, the stand is not removable.

You get a variable temperature control and a built-in thermostat that prevents the appliance from overheating.

Its cooking grate is coated with porcelain, so it isn’t going to rust, and while you can use metal utensils, it is not recommended by the manufacturer.

One caveat here is that it doesn’t include a drip tray, so the grease can fall onto the heating element, which could lead to spatter and flare-ups.

Therefore, you should practice caution when cooking on this grill, especially inside the house.


This George Foreman Electric Grill review talked about the product in detail.

You learned who needs such a grill and what comes with it.

Plus, we talked about its features in detail so that you know everything there is to know about the product.

Then, we also included a couple of alternatives and talked extensively about how to use the grill.

In that way, you’re fully prepared to use it once you’ve decided to buy it.

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