Masterbuilt Electric Grill Review

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Quick Overview






  • Simple to assemble and disassemble for cleaning
  • Good cooking area size for small gatherings
  • Can reach cooking temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lightweight; easier to maneuver than gas grills
  • Small footprint


  • Heat loss happens quickly if you don’t learn to cook with the lid closed most of the time
  • Lacks charcoal flavor of gas grills
  • Potential for faulty temperature gauge; test yours regularly

For many people, grilling is a skill that they have only ever dreamed of mastering.

Grilling and barbecue culture have steadily grown over the years, and grilling is an exciting activity you can do in your backyard, poolside, at the beach, and more.

That said, it can also be very overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure about what you’re doing or you have limited skills.

Still, grilling doesn’t need to be something that only experts or those with huge grills can master.

All that you might need to master grilling is the right grill, and that grill might be the MEG130B from Masterbuilt.

Also known as the Veranda, this electric grill made by Masterbuilt has a unique design that perfectly pairs cooking space with a small footprint so that you can cook a lot without sacrificing all of your space.

To know more about the Veranda and whether or not it is truly the right fit for you, you’ll need to finish reading today’s Masterbuilt Electric Grill review.

Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill

The Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Grill is a well-known outdoor electric grill that has a tiny footprint paired with a large grilling area.

This makes it a great choice for small spaces, and that is a huge part of why it got so popular!

Who Is This Product For?

It would be easier to say who this electric grill is not a good fit for because it has a vast range of versatility and options that make it an appealing choice for many different audiences.

1. Single Individuals

The first people who may find this grill appealing are single folks, especially single men.

The compact size of this electric grill makes it feasible to use even if you are cooking for yourself or you and one other guest.

Nonetheless, it still has enough space to feel like you can really get the full grilling experience.

2. Those With Minimal Space

Other people who might find this grill to be a good fit are those who have to deal with small yards or nothing more than a balcony for their grilling pleasure.

The footprint on this grill is small, so you can fit it in many spaces, and the cooking surface itself still has a good bit of area so that you can make the best of your situation.

3. Little to No Experience

Finally, this grill is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to grill more but doesn’t like the idea of needing to learn how to use a gas grill safely.

There are a time and place for using gas grills, but they are much less practical than electric grills.

You can simply plug electric grills so you can start cooking; thus, this Veranda model makes sense for those who just want to get grilling!

What’s Included?

Your order will come with the grill, including the base, a removable heat reflector for better heat management, and a hinged grill lid, which you can use to create great sears on everything that you cook.

Overview of the Features

The Meg 130B version of the Masterbuilt Veranda Grill is a high-quality grill that offers a ton of value at a great price, especially for something of this size.

To determine if it is a good fit for your home, here are its features:

  • Size and Footprint

The first thing that’s worth knowing about this electric grill is that it takes up a small footprint and is very manageable to use.

The complete dimensions for the item are 18.5 inches by 22.63 inches by 41.33 inches, which is about ⅓ of the size of a full grill setup.

Of course, you won’t be able to cook as much at one time, but that’s not necessarily a big problem if you aren’t planning to host neighborhood barbecues at your house.

Since the footprint is so small, it can fit at an apartment or condo or in a small backyard, and it is also versatile enough to be taken to places like a lake or beach house where you don’t want to haul propane.

  • Lightweight

This electric grill is lighter than its gas grill counterparts, weighing in at only 25 pounds.

While this isn’t featherlight by any means, it is maneuverable even for those who aren’t very strong.

That can be very helpful for those who live alone or simply want to be able to move it around without asking for assistance.

  • Cooking Details

While the grill has a small footprint, it has a great sized cooking surface that comes in at 196 square inches.

This is enough space to cook a complete meal, veggies included, for three to four people, and that’s amazing for such a small grill.

If you’re sticking to the classics, here’s how many of each classic cookout item you can cook at one time:

  • 27 hot dogs or
  • 10 burgers or
  • 16 sausages

The cooking grate on this electric grill is a porcelain-coated iron, and this means that the temperature of the grate itself stays consistent.

Consistent temperatures make for a better cook, so this is ideal.

  • Cleaning

Another noteworthy point about this electric grill is that the cooking grate is easier to remove than other grills of this variety.

All that you need to do is lift out the grate, clean it, and put it back in place.

Since this is so simple, there’s a good chance that cleaning won’t seem like such a daunting task.

Using and Caring for Your Electric Grill

If you’ve never used an electric grill before, there are some things that you will need to do differently than with a gas grill.

Also, if you’ve never used a grill at all, then this is a great time to learn how you should use and take care of it.

It’s not hard, and you’ll have lots of time to practice grilling once you have your own electric grill to experiment with at home.

Cooking With an Electric Grill

Electric grills run off of electrical power, so you’ll need to start by plugging the cable into a grounded plug for a safe, stable connection.

If possible, avoid using any extension cords since this could be dangerous.

The best way to use an electric grill is to oil the cooking surface and then let the grill preheat with the lid closed until it reaches a medium-high temperature.

Once pre-heated, add what you want to cook, and close the lid again until about half of your cooking time has passed.

Then, open the lid, and quickly flip the item over.

Close the lid and allow the item to finish cooking.

The goal when using a grill, especially an electric grill, is to keep the lid closed as much as possible because the electric heating element has to work hard to recreate any heat loss every time you open it.

If not managed well, temperature fluctuations could cause some unevenness in how your food is cooked.

Cleaning an Electric Grill

One thing that you must remember about electric grills is that they have electric components, so you cannot simply soak them in water.

Instead, you should clean the grill by first allowing it to cool down for at least ten minutes until it is warm but not hot to the touch.

Once it is warm, remove the grate and wash it with gentle soap and water.

Using a soapy sponge that’s not too wet, carefully wipe out the inside of the grill without getting any of the heating element’s electric components wet.

Then, allow everything to dry before you reassemble the grill.

You can also clean the inside of the lid and should do so regularly so that any grease splatters do not begin to build up.

If you wait to clean any grease on the grill, it will become more difficult to remove later.


Even though this Masterbuilt electric grill has great features and a nice design, it’s not going to be a perfect fit for everyone.

That is why we have some alternative grill options that might catch your eye instead.

If you are looking for an electric grill that can help serve up a few more people than the Masterbuilt can but still has a similar design, the Techwood Indoor and Outdoor Electric Grill is a great option that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Some people want to try something that can be used to make paninis and other items that need to be seared quickly on both sides. If that's the case, an electric grill like the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill would be great since it is made specifically for searing.

Masterbuilt Electric Grill Review: Conclusion

Today’s Masterbuilt Electric Grill review of the Veranda Meg130B model has introduced its best features while also adding some cautionary advice about what you can and cannot expect from a grill like this one.

Anyone looking for a practically sized electric grill that can serve up enough food for a family dinner should be impressed by this affordable grill.

The value at this price is a great deal for many people, but no one grill can be right for everyone.

If you’d prefer to look at something else, the Techwood Indoor and Outdoor Electric Grill is another longtime favorite that is sure to make you happy.

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